Winter Events at Great Oak Manor

Winter is upon us, and you may be feeling all of your daylight hours are wasting away in the office.  While it can be tempting to spend those chilly weekends huddled up at home watching Netflix (hey, we’ve all been there), why not do something different with your precious weekend time? Studies show that vacations, … Read More

The Holidays in Chestertown

Chestertown is a picturesque microcosm of all the Eastern Shore has to offer.  Historical, cultural, and quaintly distinct all year, Chestertown is beyond festive during the Holiday season.  Whether you already made plans to visit us during the next month, or you are scoping out a place to head off to this weekend, here are a … Read More

Give the Gift of a Great Oak Manor Gift Certificate

The gift giving season is incredible.  It’s a time to reconnect with friends and family, showering them with heartfelt, thoughtful, and personal tokens.  But, let’s face it; the gift giving season can also be incredibly stressful.  What do you get your in-laws?  Or your boss?  What about the friend who has everything and wants nothing?  … Read More

Have Your Fairy Tale Wedding at Great Oak Manor

Did you know that wedding season is year-round for us at here Great Oak Manor? We love the ceremonies, we love the décor, and we love the love! If you’re starting to plan your wedding for the near future, then keep reading to learn a bit more about why we’d be the perfect place for … Read More

The Great Oak Gift Giving Guide

November is here, and if you feel like we do, then you know how hard it is to believe we’re down to the last two months of 2016! These next few weeks are going to pass in a blur, leading us to the holiday season (if you couldn’t already tell by the pre-Halloween Thanksgiving and … Read More

A Very Veggie Vacation: Vegetarian Cuisine in Chestertown, MD

Did you know that Great Oak Manor accommodates a number of dietary restrictions? Let us know if you’re dairy-free, gluten-free, meat-free, or all of the above, and we’ll prepare a tasty meal free that suits your palate and your lifestyle. Furthermore, there are a number of local eateries who also cater to the meat-free, so … Read More

Great Oak Manor Gingerbread Cookies

The holiday season will be here in a flurry of Halloween decorations, turkey and pumpkin decor, and then finally, a burst of red and green. One of our favorite parts of the holidays is the food! (We are a bed & breakfast, after all.) Keep reading to try out a recipe for our gingerbread cookies … Read More

3 Aspects of a Day in the Life of a Great Oak Guest

With the holiday season upon, this may be your last chance to enjoy a 2016 vacation before the seasonal chaos sets in! You may be wondering a bit about the Great Oak Manor experience and what you’ll see and do here in Chestertown, Maryland. We decided to break it down into 3 important aspects that … Read More