The Hynson room offers incredible Maryland romantic getaways and possesses the charm of a French country cottage, with the comforts of an estate home in Provence.

Look out a dormer window to find inspiring views of the water and the grounds of the estate. Located on the third floor, you’ll have a sweeping view of the property that is worth the trek up the stairs. The Hynson also features a beautifully decorated built-in bookcase and an inviting reading chair. Retire to your room to enjoy the comforts of a king-sized bed with private bath and a heating/cooling unit.



  • Hynson Room reading chair with side table at our Chestertown, MD bed and breakfast
  • Hynson Room bed and reading chair at our Chesapeake Bay B&B
  • Outdoor table at our Chesapeake Bay B&B set for breakfast
  • Hammock with a water view at our Chesapeake Bay B&B

Amenities include:

  • King bed
  • Third floor
  • Private bath
  • Built-in bookcase
  • Reading Chair
  • Bay views
  • Heating/cooling unit
Reiki Session at Great Oak Manor

Reiki Session

Experience the ancient healing practice of Reiki (Rei “guided” Ki “life force energy”). This rejuvenating process involves the hands being placed just off the body, or lightly touching the body which brings about feelings of clarity & peace of mind, release of heavy emotions, improved sleep quality, and increased energy.