Why We Love Chester River Wine & Cheese Company

Chester River Wine & Cheese Company: A Cheese Lover’s Paradise

chester river wine & cheese co

photo courtesy of Chester River Wine & Cheese Co.

Quite simply, if you are a cheese lover, the Chester River Wine & Cheese Company should be your first and last stop while visiting Chestertown.

A specialty food shop that offers both international and domestic wines, charcuterie and pate, as well as cut-to-order cheese, it’s a big slice of cheese heaven!

They also serve gourmet foods, too. Feast on Italian handmade pastas and sauces, homemade chutney and jam to die for, and domestic made mustard–All are a food lover’s delight. Not to mention the tempting olive oils, vinegars, salts and sweets.

The cut-to-order cheese case boasts 38 cheeses to choose from with interesting names like:

  • Drunken Goat
  • Ewephoria (sheep’s gouda, mild)
  • Red Dragon
  • Truffle tremor
  • Wenslydale w/cranberries
  • White stilton w/apricots

And so many more!

As their name promises, Chester River Wine & Cheese Company offers fine wines, hand selected domestics and international, with bulk wine order discounts available.

Other gourmet items include coffee, tea, local pork, beef, and speciality sausage.

Wine & Cheese Kitchenware

But what would a gourmet cheese and food shop be without kitchen gadgets? Chester River Wine & Cheese Company has the wine and cheese tools you need:

  • Fondue sets
  • Raclette grills
  • Cheese spreaders and knives
  • Wine bottle openers
  • Kitchen tools
  • And more!

Olives are revered here as well. You’ll find a French Riviera mix, Kalamata and Greek mix, green olives with herbes de Provence, dry-cured black olives with herbes de Provence, and oil cured black olives.

Then there are the pates: pork, pheasant & herb, pork and duck, pork and chicken liver, prosciutto, rillettes (duck, tuna, crab, and scallop), salami, and Serrano ham.

And oh, the antipasto! Choose from so many. Grilled onion, marinated garlic, roasted red tomato, mushroom salad in vinaigrette, marinated artichoke hearts…

If you love all things wine and cheese, you don’t want to miss this delight store. It’s sure to be a favorite!

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