Memorial Day Weekend and the Chestertown Tea Party on the Eastern shore

IMG_3100This Memorial Day weekend looks to be full of promise. Here at the Manor we are ready for our guests to enjoy the great spring weather as well as our property. The Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Canoe and Bicycles are ready for use and our beautiful twelve acres and stunning bay view bluff are perfect for a leisurely afternoon.

You can also catch a glimpse of our brand new chickens! These little ones aren’t quite ready to lend us some eggs just yet however they are very friendly!

If you are looking to venture off the Manor’s property and into historical Chestertown, this Memorial weekend is known in Chestertown as “Tea Party Weekend”.  The Chestertown Tea Party was a protest against British taxes. According to local legend it took place in May of 1774 as a response to the British Tea Act. Following suit of the more renowned Boston Tea Party patriots boarded the brigantine Geddes in broad daylight and threw all it’s cargo of tea into the Chester River. At present day this event is celebrated each Memorial Day weekend with festival and reenactment called the Chestertown Tea Party Festival. Click here to learn more about the festivities! and call 410-778-5943 to book you room today or check availability online!

Tea Party