Locally Sourced Breakfast at Great Oak Manor


Spring is right around the corner, but here at Great Oak Manor, our breakfasts are spring-like all year long. Would you expect anything less?

Cedar Run Farm

Happy cows at Cedar Run Farm

We only want the best experience for our guests and that includes food.That’s why our guests start their day with a hearty breakfast from local food sources.

From farm fresh meats and eggs, fresh fruits and berries, and homemade blackberry jam, we make your morning start to the day as farm fresh as possible. You’ll see and taste the difference!

Cedar Run Farm, where Great Oak Manor gets its beef, raises only grass-fed beef. The cows walk on the ground, not on concrete, and enjoy the 92-acre farm.  Leaner, flavorful, healthier, and compassionately raised, it has a superior taste you won’t find from a grocery store. The same is true for the sausage.

Cedar Run Farm eggs will also look a bit different from what you’re used to. You’ll notice that they have more yellow color than store bought eggs.That’s because these chickens get to scratch in the grass and enjoy being a chicken! Family-owned farms with happy animals make for nutritious, delicious food.

And, of course, the beef is all USDA inspected, naturally fed and dry aged.

But what if you don’t eat meat? No worries! Great Oak Manor accommodates vegetarian palates, too. We also have gluten-free options for our guests. And if you like granola, we make a pretty mean mix that’s from a super secret recipe. It’s long been a guest favorite.

If you’re visiting us on a weekend, and you find you’ve just got to have more farm fresh food, we invite you to visit the Chestertown Farmer’s Market and Artisan’s Market. It sets up on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon at High and Cross Streets, at Fountain Park. We promise you won’t be disappointed!