Letter from the Innkeeper – February

So here it is February already and our thoughts turn to love and celebrations of love.

There are so many kinds of love to express.

Richard and I have been at Great Oak Manor for 11 months now and we just love this place. What is not to love about sitting at one’s desk or looking out the kitchen window and seeing the Chesapeake Bay in all its natural glory? But then I already knew l loved this place when we arrived last March or we wouldn’t have come.

There is so much about this area that we love too. The town of Chestertown is such a fun, inviting, warm, and friendly place to visit. We have made new friends and have become involved in the business community. We love our guests who love us back and who have become friends.

I love February even though it can be a cold, heartless month. It has Valentine’s Day right in the middle, which gives us the chance to celebrate love with our special someone.

I love doing special things during this time to make it special for our guests. Why don’t you come to Manor on the Bay and give us a chance to make it special for you?

Love, Richard and Holly