iPhone Photography Weekend Workshop at Great Oak Manor

We like to advertise how photogenic our waterfront property is and now we’re inviting aspiring iPhone photographers to come out and take advantage of our beautiful views for an entire weekend event. On November 6th and 7th, we’re hosting an iPhone Photography Workshop under the tutelage of Karen Klinedinst.

©Karen Klinedinst

Late Afternoon Kent Narrows ©Karen Klinedinst

Karen Klinedinst is a landscape photographer and graphic designer from Baltimore. She graduated with a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and since 2011, she has been using her iPhone exclusively to photograph

Klinedinst writes, “All of us have a deep connection to places and landscapes from our past and present. Through our memories, we see these places not as they are, but through the filter of emotion. My recent work explores the emotional qualities of landscapes where I feel a deep connection.”

Her artist statement also happens to strike a note in those of us who have formed connections to the Great Oak Manor landscape and we are eager to invite artists in for this workshop to observe how others connect and resonate with the scenery.

You can read more about Karen Klinedinst’s bio, artist statement and more on her website.

Workshop  details:

Throughout this weekend workshop, participants will learn: iPhone camera techniques; which apps are best for image capture, editing and stylizing images; and study combinations of apps that transform your images into photo-based art. There will be two 3 hour sessions.

Equipment Needed: iPhone 5 or newer, with most recent iOS and photo apps from list provided by instructor downloaded to iPhone.

Session 1: The first day of the workshop, instructor will review iPhone image capture techniques, and will demo recommended camera-replacement apps that are available. Following the instruction, workshop participants will go out on the grounds of Great Oak Manor and practice what they just learned. Instructor would give a fun assignment, and would be available during the shooting session for questions. 

Session 2: The second day of the workshop, instructor would demo image editing and fine-tuning with recommended apps. After instruction and demos, workshop participants would fine-tune their images shot the day before. Instructor would also demo creative post-processing and creating photo-based digital art. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants would share their results. Great Oak Manor could encourage participants to share their images from the weekend workshop on the GOM Facebook page.


  • $150 per person, plus lodging
  • $250 per couple, plus lodging

Weekend package includes:

  • Friday we will host a welcome reception
  • Two, 3  hour workshop sessions
  • Lunch Saturday Afternoon
  • 2 night-minimum stay
  • *Space is limited. 
  • Rates for lodging vary per room