Give the Gift of a Great Oak Manor Gift Certificate


The gift giving season is incredible.  It’s a time to reconnect with friends and family, showering them with heartfelt, thoughtful, and personal tokens.  But, let’s face it; the gift giving season can also be incredibly stressful.  What do you get your in-laws?  Or your boss?  What about the friend who has everything and wants nothing?  How do you give a present that’s tailored to their personality?

We’re here to help.

Why not give the gift of a Gift Certificate to Great Oak Manor?  Besides the fact that you can order it from the convenience of your own home (and avoid congested holiday shopping), a Great Oak Manor Gift Certificate is a wonderful present because it is a unique gift which a large range of people will love.

The stigma with Gift Certificates is that they are impersonal.  And to be honest, some are.  But when you give a loved one a Great Oak Manor Gift Certificate, you are not giving a sweater that won’t fit, a generic gift card to a superstore, or an odd nick-knack which will sit on their coffee table each time you visit but will be relocated to a junk drawer as soon as you walk out the door.  When you give a Great Oak Manor Gift Certificate, you are giving an experience. 


You’re giving your loved one an excuse to get away! To take a night or weekend or whole week off and relax—no strings attached.  You’re saying, “Great Oak Manor is a place close to my heart and I know they will take care of you; you deserve it.”  Seldom can a gift encompass your appreciation for the recipient like a night away at Great Oak Manor.

Gift Certificates are versatile.  Surprise your girlfriends with a winter getaway at the Great Oak Manor, complete with massages and more.  Encourage your favorite couples to rekindle and relax at area wineries.  Even hunters can get in a guided hunting trip!  There is something for everyone here.

Gift Certificates are available anytime, even Christmas Eve.  We can email the present to be printed and made a last-minute stocking stuffer. 

Give us a Call at 800-504-3098.  We would love to help you give the gift everyone will be envious to receive.