Downrigging Delight: A Chestertown Festival Along the Bay

If you’ve been keeping up with our past few blogs, you know that Kent County is a hub of activity in Maryland. From a Pirates & Wenches Fantasy Weekend to a Harry Potter Festival, we know how to celebrate the worlds of history and fantasy. (If you missed or will be missing either of these festivals, no worries; they’re annual events, so you’ll have the chance to enjoy them in the coming years.)

We’re pretty excited about another upcoming Chestertown festival of the boating variety—Downrigging Weekend. On October 27-29, 2017, you’ll have the opportunity to attend and enjoy the 17th year of this “tall ship and wooden boat festival in America’s best preserved colonial seaport.”

Here are 3 reasons we think you’ll love this weekend festival as much as we do:

1. It takes place in fall foliage season. October is a great month to indulge in the fiery colors of fall in Chestertown. When you combine autumnal tones with the blue of the bay, it paints quite the seasonal portrait that you won’t want to miss.

2. You’ll get to sail along with a fleet of Tall Ships. If you’re not familiar with these types of ships, they are “large, traditionally-rigged sailing vessels,” including “schooners, brigantines, brigs, and barques.” Now’s your chance to take part on one of these historic Tall Ships and take to the sea for a bit.

3. The festival will include live musical performances and lectures from well-known authors and filmmakers. Learn about the ships, the process of downrigging, and the sailing arts, all the while being accompanied by your own soundtrack playing in the background.

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