Paddling Near Chestertown: a Water-Lover’s Delight

Whether you are into kayaking, canoeing or even floating on an inner-tube, the area surrounding Chestertown has a variety of waterways you’re sure to enjoy.

kayak-up-streamWhen you stay at Great Oak Manor, you can access the Chesapeake Bay right from our property. In fact, we even have a canoe and kayaks for our guests’ use!

Some things you may encounter when boating the Bay:

  • The Chesapeake Bay is a large body of water, meaning that you may run into some current or wave issues if you venture very far from shore.
  • Be prepared to make the return trip to our property whenever you venture out. While it’s easy to reach a desired destination, you need to make sure you have the time and energy to come back!
  • If smaller bodies of water are more your style, then head north to Stavely Pond and Worton Creek or south to Sassafras Creek. Both Worton Creek and Sassafras Creek are small inlets on the Bay, while Stavely Pond is, for the most part, a separate body of water (which may join the Bay during times of high water). You may need to portage over a small bit of land from the Bay to get to Stavely Pond, but this is a nice little place to paddle about.

kayaking-couplePrefer moving water? There are places along the Chester River Water Trail to put in and take out, if your transportation options allow. Otherwise, we recommend our guests take a guided tour from Chester River Kayak Adventures, which offers half-day trips, full-day trips and sunset/moonlight paddles. Going on a guided tour assures your safety and allows you to see things you may otherwise miss (birds, animals, nests).

For those guests who are not familiar with kayaking and canoeing, we highly recommend a guided trip for your first few times out until you’re comfortable handling the boats. Once you go out on your own, it’s completely up to you to assure your own safety!

Might we also recommend a few things to consider during your outing on the water?

  • Wear a Personal Floatation Device – it’s for your own safety, and they’re required in the state of Maryland!
  • Wear a swimsuit – you never know when you’ll want to take a dip… or ACCIDENTALLY take a dip!
  • Wear sunscreen – and take the bottle with you to re-apply
  • Wear sandals or wet-shoes
  • Wear sunglasses – even on cloudy days, the water reflects what light there is, causing damage to your eyes
  • Wear a hat or cap
  • Take bug spray
  • Use a watertight bag for cell phones (if you must take them) – While a Ziploc bag might suffice, make sure it’s the heavy-duty, sure-lock type of bag to assure that your phone won’t get wet!
  • Take snacks – sandwiches, granola bars, fruit… the types of things you might take hiking are great to eat on the water!
  • Take plenty of drinking water – a good estimate is 16 ounces for each hour you’ll be out… then take extra! This is especially important during very hot and sunny days.
  • Leave the alcohol on the shore! Drinking and boating is about as good of an idea as drinking and driving. Don’t do it!
  • Pay close attention to landmarks – especially if you’re paddling on the Bay. You want to be sure you can find your way back to the inn!

Want more information on non-motorized boating options during your stay at Great Oak Manor? Feel free to ask us anytime!