A Letter from the Innkeepers – April 2018


Spring is here – well, almost here. This time last year we were just settling in and rushing around to make spring happen. This year we are super excited about some wonderful changes that are taking place around here.

Richard has been working all winter on the inside of the Manor, painting and sprucing up the place. It looks awesome! So fresh and clean with fresh paint everywhere. I doubt you will notice or even remember what it looked like before, but we can really tell the difference.

We have new gravel in the driveway and parking areas, so that means no more potholes. It is a nice smooth drive onto the grounds now. Easier to drive and looks great, too.

The next time you visit, we hope you will notice some new landscaping in the beds at the front of the Manor. We are filling in some “holes” with some new shrubs and then we will add some perennial flowers in front of that. You know they always say it takes three years for new plantings to settle in and grow. So I guess that means you will need to come back every year to check the progress!

I particularly love the gardening part of my job and get so excited every spring to get to dig in the dirt. I have some great ideas for our containers that are all over the place too. I was a Master Gardener in NC before I relocated to the Manor. Last week, I met another Master Gardener from MD. I am looking forward to exchanging ideas with him from the plantings to the recipe swapping (he is a chef too!). We just have the most interesting guests here!

But, the biggest and most awesome upgrade to the grounds is going to take place next week. Outdoor Lighting, Inc. will be here to install low voltage lighting all over the place, from the first approach to the beach area. See the demo picture below to get an idea of what the front of the Manor can look like. We are hoping to make great use of all of this outdoor lighting to plan some nighttime fun!

We are looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Richard, Holly, Lizzie and our wonderful staff