5 Reasons to Visit Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge


Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge is a 2,285 acre island at the mouth of the Chester River in Kent County, MD. It is a major feeding place for wintering waterfowl and home to many species of birds, small mammals and wildlife, including the southern bald eagle and the endangered Delmarva fox squirrel.

The refuge offers many activities for families, photographers, and sporting enthusiasts and is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in Kent County.

Connect with Nature

The refuge offers wonderful wildlife viewing and expansive views of the Chester River and Chesapeake Bay along seven different trails. In the spring, the ospreys return to build their nests and you can catch glimpses of the new fawns stroll the grounds. Come summer, young eagles, owls, blue birds and more are abuzz. And with the fall and winter come tundra swans and wintering waterfowl.



The refuge is flat and a popular place to ride bikes. Bikes are only permitted on roads, not the trails. Riders should follow posted guidelines or stop in at the visitor center to ask any questions.


Great Photography

From beautiful scenery to magnificent wildlife, like bald eagles, deer, and waterfowl – there are a million photos just waiting to be taken!


Visitors can fish at three different locations in the refuge – the tundra swan boardwalk, Ingleside car top boat launch ramp, and at Bogles Wharf pier. All visitors must follow state regulations for fishing.



The refuge offers deer hunting in the fall and a youth spring turkey hunt. Deer hunt applications are available mid-summer.