3 Reasons to Take a Midweek Vacation at Great Oak Manor

midweekvacationSummer vacation has come to an end, and with the next holiday being so far away, you may find yourself trudging through the workday and reminding yourself that the weekend will be here soon. But don’t be satisfied with workday plodding! Break up the monotony of your weekly routine with a mid-week vacation that will refresh your spirits and leave you ready to return to the real world. Need a bit more convincing? Check out these 3 reasons to take a mid-week vacation at Great Oak Manor:

1. You’ll find lower prices, midweek specials, and weekday events. Many places offer midweek specials on meals, drinks, and activities, along with weekday events. (That includes the Manor, as we oftentimes offer discounted rates during the weekdays.) For example, if you’re staying with us on a Thursday, enjoy a Free Nacho Bar from 4:00pm-6:00pm at Fish Whistle. Or if you’re looking for some musical entertainment, how about Mainstay Monday saxophone performance on June 13?

2. You’ll likely encounter smaller crowds. It may be summer vacation, but the weekends are still much more packed with crowds than the weekdays. Treat yourself to a quieter retreat by avoiding the crowded chaos of Saturdays and Sundays.

3. It’s healthy for you! In a HuffingtonPost article, psychology professor Steven Meyers states that “there are also some serious benefits associated with having a day off in the middle of the week…While we expect weekends off, a free day like this one can feel like having a sale, or getting cash back on a purchase. People’s moods are oftentimes buoyed when they’re looking forward to enjoyable activities. And that positive attitude can have residual effects, as people remember a fun, relaxing day, even after returning to reality.”

So there you have it; midweek getaways are great (and healthy) opportunities to recharge without having to be gone for an extended amount of time. We look forward to seeing you here soon for a middle-of-the-week stay at Great Oak Manor!